Hrithik Roshan Diwali celebration with his girlfriend Saba Azad, see here photos

Hrithik Roshan Diwali celebration: In the world of Diwali celebrations, we saw many stars like Deepika, Kajol, and Alia Bhatt sharing their Diwali pictures with fans. Now, joining the festive parade, Hrithik Roshan has also shared his Diwali photos. The pictures show Hrithik celebrating Diwali with his girlfriend Saba Azad and family.

Hrithik Roshan Diwali celebration with his girlfriend Saba Azad, see here photos
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On the social media stage, Hrithik, a well-known actor, shared a bunch of Diwali pictures on Instagram. In these photos, Hrithik is sitting on the stairs, holding hands with his girlfriend Saba Azad. Behind them stand Rakesh Roshan, Pinky Roshan, Pashmina Roshan, and other family members. Hrithik greeted everyone with a caption saying ‘Happy Diwali beautiful people.’

Hrithik Roshan Diwali celebration

Hrithik Roshan shared Diwali photos

In the pictures, Hrithik is wearing a black outfit, while his girlfriend Saba Azad looks beautiful in a green and red lehenga.

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Fans commented on the actor’s pictures

Fans were quick to comment on Hrithik’s pictures. Some wished him a happy Diwali, while others had fun thoughts about Saba and Hrithik being together.

We also saw Saba Azad at Hrithik Roshan’s sister Pashmina Roshan’s birthday a few days ago. Saba looked like a 90s heroine, wearing a short dress with a velvet shawl.

Talking about Hrithik Roshan’s recent work, he made a cameo appearance in Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s ‘Tiger 3.’ Looking ahead, Hrithik is set to star in ‘Fighter’ alongside Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor, hitting the screens in 2024.

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