GTA 6 trailer comes out: GTA 5 Michael actor trolls Kai Cenat

GTA 6 trailer comes out: Just under a day before its big debut, the new Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer became super popular after it was released. And here’s a fun twist: Ned Luke, the actor who played Michael in GTA 5, joined the gang of streamers reacting to it and ended up playfully teasing Twitch Star Kai Cenat. Let’s dive into what happened.

GTA 6 trailer comes out: GTA 5 Michael actor trolls Kai Cenat
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In a surprising move, Rockstar Games had to release the much-hyped GTA 6 trailer a day early because it got leaked online. Fans were shocked, and so were the streamers who were live at the time.

GTA 6 trailer comes out

One of these streamers was Twitch star Kai Cenat, who wasn’t sure at first if the trailer was officially out. But as they watched it and chatted about hidden stuff in the game with their fans, they spotted Ned Luke, the guy who voiced Michael in GTA 5, also streaming on YouTube.

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As they both watched each other’s streams and started talking live, Ned decided to have some fun by teasing Kai Cenat in a ‘Michael’ style. Here’s how it went down. More info about GTA 6 trailer comes out: GTA 5 Michael actor trolls Kai Cenat.

Last night, Ned Luke, the actor from GTA 5, was seen live on YouTube reacting to the GTA 6 trailer. While discussing game theories with his followers, Kai Cenat joined as a viewer and also shared Luke’s stream on his screen.

Ned decided to jokingly call out Kai for making money from sharing his stream on Twitch. He said, “You’re making a fortune off me right now. You’re gonna kick me some of that cash, bro. I’m gonna give you my Venmo,” in a playful way.

He continued, saying, “Your views are gonna go crazy (because of me).” As Kai kept freaking out, Ned looked at the camera and laughed.

When Kai realized it was all in good fun, they both exchanged numbers and had a friendly chat afterward. Meanwhile, other streamers like Adin Ross spilled more secrets about GTA 6 as fans eagerly wait for its release in 2025.

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