George Martin is no longer Matthew Devasi

George Martin: Popular actor Mammootty is back with another exciting role in his new film, “Kathal.” Rumor has it, he’s trying something totally different this time, a role he’s never done in his fifty-year career. Good news for fans eagerly waiting to see the Megastar in action!

George Martin is no longer Matthew Devasi
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You can now book tickets for “Kathal” on Book My Show, and it’s not just local—it’s gone global with bookings open in places like Mysore, Germany, and Dubai, making it a hit.

George Martin

Get ready for “Cathal: The Core,” hitting screens on November 23. Produced by Mammootty’s company and starring Jyothika, it aims to follow the success of hits like “Roshak,” “Nanpakal Nereth Mayakkum,” and “Kannur Squad.”

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In “Kathal,” Mammootty plays Mathew Devasi, and Jyothika is Omana, bringing a story about unexpected family drama that’s sure to grab your attention.

Fresh off the success of “Kannur Squad,” Mammootty is on a roll with more films like “Bharamayugam” and “Bazooka” coming soon, directed by Vysakh. Keep an eye out for “Bhramayugam” in January—it’s going to be another exciting chapter in Mammootty’s impressive film journey.

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