Gal Gadot Was Offered To Play Barbie But She Passed On The Role

Gal Gadot was offered to play Barbie but she passed on the role.

Gal Gadot As Barbie!

Did you know that Greta Gerwig initially offered the role of Barbie to Gal Gadot, but she declined? Gerwig, who was already interested in working with Margot Robbie, then moved forward with Robbie and further developed the script (source: Deadline).

However, It certainly would have been fascinating to see Gal Gadot take on the iconic role of Barbie. However, I can understand why Greta Gerwig might have been particularly interested in writing the script for Margot Robbie. Robbie is a talented and versatile actress who has proven her ability to handle both comedic and dramatic roles. I believe she has the potential to bring a fresh and nuanced perspective to the character of Barbie

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