Fukrey 3 Ending Explained: How Does Richa Chadha Movie End?

Fukrey 3 Ending Explained: Fukrey 3, the much-anticipated third movie in the hilarious friendship comedy series, brings loads of laughs and unexpected turns. It hit theaters on September 28, 2023.

Fukrey 3 Ending Explained: How Does Richa Chadha Movie End?
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Directed by Mrighddep Singh Lamba and produced by Excel Entertainment, Fukrey 3 takes a different route from the first two films, missing the familiar face of Ali Fazal. But no worries, the movie still has a great cast, including Richa Chadha, Pankaj Tripathi, Pulkit Samrat, and Varun Sharma.

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What happens in Pankaj Tripathi starrer?

Fukrey 3 shakes things up with Bholi Punjaban aiming to be the head of Delhi’s Water Resources Department. With the help of the scheming water boss, Dhinra, Bholi is set to achieve her political goal. The twist? She ropes in the ‘fukras’—Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Panditji—to secure her victory.

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But Choocha unintentionally steals Bholi’s campaign spotlight, just being his quirky self. Seeing an opportunity, Hunny decides to turn Choocha into Bholi’s rival.

Fukrey 3 Ending Explained:

The story takes a surprising turn when Choocha spills the beans on his candidacy, leading to a funny journey to South Africa in search of diamonds to fund their campaign, suggested by Bholi’s bodyguards.

They spend 10 days looking for diamonds with no luck until they realize Bholi tricked them. The bodyguards’ betrayal was just a distraction. However, in a stroke of luck, Choocha has a Deja-chu moment, and they find a diamond.

While on the run, unexpected events give Choocha and Hunny a unique ability—they can turn their body fluids into gasoline. This quirky twist becomes a way to fund their campaign.

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How does Fukrey 3 wrap up?

The climax gets intense as Dhingra hatches a plan to use Delhi’s water, despite the potential harm to the suffering residents due to water scarcity, to create fuel by mixing it with Choocha’s urine and Hunny’s sweat. Dhingra remains unmoved despite knowing the consequences.

A turning point comes when one of Bholi Punjaban’s bodyguards sees the harm caused by Dhingra’s actions. Refusing to be part of it, he urges the fukras to escape. Instead of running, Hunny records a video about unity and rebellion, inspiring the public.

This leads to their kidnapping and torture, forcing them to give bodily fluids or their friends will be killed. At this point, it seems like Dhingra has won. But in the end, the public, inspired by the fukras, breaks through the walls around Dhingra’s water kingdom.

The story doesn’t end there; the fukras and Bholi head to fuel a research center in Bangalore. During their attempt to replicate their abilities, the diamond exits Choocha’s body, and they lose their newfound powers.

Adding a surprising twist, Fukrey 3’s mid-credit scene shows Zafar, played by Ali Fazal, in an unexpected appearance. Stranded on an island, he discovers the diamond in Choocha’s frozen stool. This hints at a possible sequel, Fukrey 4.

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