First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! Laugh-Inducing Sci-Fi drama with Epic Fantasy Twists

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan: After an exciting debut almost ten years ago, R. Ravikumar is back with another joyful movie, this time teaming up with Sivakarthikeyan in a familiar setting.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan
First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! (Image Credit filmcompanion)
  • Director and Writer: R. Ravikumar
  • Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Rakul Preet Singh, Karunakaran
  • Duration: 155 minutes
  • Now Showing in: Theaters

There’s a special joy in seeing a movie deliver just what you expected, especially when it’s been in the making for a long time. R. Ravikumar, known for the sci-fi comedy Indru Netru Naalai (2015), took his time for this follow-up, and it’s worth it. Does it top his first film? Maybe not, as “Ayalaan” follows a somewhat predictable path, especially in the second half. But blending the concept of aliens with a local touch works well for the film.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan

Meet Tamizh (Sivakarthikeyan), a nature lover who believes Earth belongs to both humans and insects. When he moves to the city for work, he encounters an alien, initially mistaking it for a student in fancy costumes. The story kicks off with the alien landing on Earth, trying to steal a crucial stone from the villain’s office to save the world. Just like in “Indru Netru Naalai,” where a time travel machine is lost, here, it’s a stolen spaceship. While coincidences were the challenge in the first film, Ayalaan tackles social issues and a villain threatening a much larger world. More info about First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! Laugh-Inducing Sci-Fi drama with Epic Fantasy Twists.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! (Image Credit filmcompanion)

Tattoo, the alien, looks fantastic with top-notch visual effects. The effort put into the effects is clear in the seamless blend of CGI elements, bringing the imaginative script to life. Despite the grand scale, the heart of the movie is the growing friendship between Tamizh and Tattoo. While Rakul Preet Singh is the female lead, the film mostly focuses on moments between Tamizh and Tattoo — sharing a lollipop, making sacrifices, and a touching reunion.

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The visual effects make the connection between Tamizh and Tattoo even stronger. But what sets Ayalaan apart is how Director Ravikumar mixes humor with the serious alien-themed plot. For example, in a tense scene where the villain learns about the alien’s powers, the film quickly switches to a funny moment from the teaser, where Tattoo tries to connect with his world but tunes into a radio playing Mallipoo. This blend keeps the mood light, even in intense situations. An action scene in a narrow lane filled with images of Avengers and Bruce Lee adds a fun touch.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! (Image Credit filmcompanion)

In the first half, Tattoo takes the lead in action, leaving Sivakarthikeyan with reactions and witty comments. But later on, the star’s charisma shines through. There are nods to Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and the iconic Mankarate pose, and twists put Sivakarthikeyan in the spotlight. Yogi Babu and Karunakaran, playing Sivakarthikeyan’s friends, bring more humor, making the film best when they explore the alien’s powers. Rakul Preet Singh’s role adds to the story, even if the romance isn’t a central focus.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! (Image Credit filmcompanion)

The humor keeps the film light, making it occasionally hard to feel the weight of the message or the looming threat. Even when the Cooum River is on fire, the larger impact doesn’t hit hard. The villain isn’t as menacing as we’re told, and in a crucial part in the second half, the main antagonist is absent for a long time, making it easy to lose interest.

First Day Impressions of Ayalaan! (Image Credit filmcompanion)

One drawback is the songs. Their placement isn’t very interesting, and there’s a mismatch between the songs and the scenes, especially the introduction track Vera Level Sago, despite its beautiful visuals. Songs work better in montages, like Ayalaa Ayalaa, showing Tattoo bonding with Tamizh and friends. However, there’s room for improvement in the overall music aspect.

Artists have a unique persona, separate from the stardom they chase. When these factors align, as seen with Sivakarthikeyan, it’s a winning combination. A decade after Maan Karate (2014), Sivakarthikeyan continues to charm audiences, balancing experimentation with mass appeal, as seen in Maaveeran last year and now with Ayalaan.

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