Eduardo Franco Is Not Returning In Stranger Things Final Season

Eduardo Franco Is Not Coming Back!

Shockingly, in a recent interview with Steve Varley on YouTube, Eduardo Franco, who played Argyle in Stranger Things 4, said he never got a call to return as Argyle for the final season of ‘STRANGER THINGS.

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Source: Steve Varley

Damn! Eduardo Franco’s Argyle became a fan favorite in season 4, so the news that he might not be returning for the final season comes as a disappointment.

Here’s what we know so far

  • Franco hasn’t officially been confirmed as out: While he stated he hasn’t received a call yet, it’s possible the Duffer Brothers are still finalizing casting decisions or keeping things under wraps.
  • The Duffer Brothers tend to prioritize returning characters: In previous seasons, they’ve focused on the core group and gradually introduced new faces. While Argyle was significant in season 4, his absence wouldn’t be entirely surprising.
  • There’s still hope for a cameo: Even if Franco isn’t a main cast member, there’s a chance he could return for a brief scene or cameo.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from the creators or further statements from Franco to know for sure.

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