Connie Nielsen Condirmes, Nobody 2 Film Is In Works


Nobody 2 Is In Works?

Fans of the 2021 action thriller Nobody can breathe a sigh of relief: after months of speculation, Connie Nielsen herself has confirmed that a sequel is officially in the works.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, the Danish actress, who played Hutch Mansell’s (Bob Odenkirk) formidable Russian antagonist Becca, dropped the bombshell, saying,

Who doesn’t love Bob? Bob is just so cool and fun and sweet, and he has unbelievable energy. I adore him. That guy is just so great. And then, on top of that, you have this family again. I’m a family person and I love depicting the tensions inside of a family; the natural tensions, but also the sweetness that underlies the love that connects all of these people together. This is a great family. It’s a great story that I look forward to returning to, definitely.

What Nobody Is all About?

In “Nobody,” the film revolves around Hutch Mansell, played by Bob Odenkirk, a seemingly ordinary, unassuming family man who lives a monotonous life under the shadow of his more successful wife and kids. This facade crumbles when two thieves invade his home, and despite having the opportunity to fight back, Hutch chooses not to, leading to his family’s disappointment and solidifying his image as a “nobody.”

However, this incident reignites a dormant fire within Hutch, a past buried deep that reveals a skilled and lethal former assassin. The simmering rage boils over when he witnesses a group of thugs harassing a woman on a bus, unleashing his hidden skills and taking them down brutally. This act sets off a chain reaction, making him a target for the Russian crime lord Yulian, with whom his past intersects.

The film then chronicles Hutch’s descent back into his former life, using his lethal skills to protect his family and confront the demons of his past. It’s a brutal and action-packed journey, blurring the lines between family man and ruthless killer.

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