Case Against Actor Nayanthara for allegedly disrespecting Lord Ram in the Tamil movie Annapoorani

Case Against Actor Nayanthara: Legal trouble is brewing for actor Nayanthara, the director, producers, and Monika Shergill, the content head at Netflix India. A group in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, filed a complaint alleging that they hurt the feelings of Hindus, disrespected Lord Ram, and talked about ‘love jihad’ in the film.

Case Against Actor Nayanthara
Case Against Actor Nayanthara (Image Credit Saregama Tamil)

The complaint, filed by a group called Hindu Sewa Parishad, includes seven people, including Nayanthara, director Nilesh Krishnaa, producers Jatin Sethi and R Ravindran, and Netflix India’s content head, Monika Shergill. More info about Case Against Actor Nayanthara for allegedly disrespecting Lord Ram in the Tamil movie Annapoorani.

Case Against Actor Nayanthara

The movie first came out in theaters on December 1 and later on Netflix on December 29. But due to a lot of complaints and backlash, it’s been taken off Netflix. Similar complaints have been filed in Mumbai against Nayanthara and others by groups like Bajrang Dal and Hindu IT Cell.

The case in Jabalpur, led by Hindu Sewa Parishad’s Atul Jeswani, involves charges related to causing problems between religious groups and having a common plan.

The complaint says that Annapoorani hurt Hindu religious feelings, disrespected Sanatana Dharma, and made baseless claims against Lord Ram. They point to scenes like Nayanthara, playing a temple priest’s daughter, offering namaz in a hijab before making biryani. The complaint also claims that a friend influences Nayanthara’s character to eat meat, saying that even Lord Ram and Goddess Sita did so.

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Jeswani also says that the movie supports love jihad, a term used by some groups to say that Muslim men are trying to convert Hindu women.

This whole situation is happening just before the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Some people on social media agree with the complaints and want action against the filmmakers.

At the same time, there’s a political argument about the temple ceremony. The Congress party says they won’t attend on January 22, and the BJP and others accuse them of being against Sanatana Dharma, even releasing a poster to support their claim.

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