Boots Riley Is Set To Direct a ‘NEON’ Movie

Is Really Boots Riley Directing a NEON Film?

Yes, Director Boots Riley, known for films like “Sorry to Bother You” and “Black America Again,” will helm a new heist film for production company NEON, according to actor Kyle Buchanan.

and this ‘NEON’ heist film is about a ring of female shoplifters sounds like it could be a fresh and empowering take on the genre, especially under Riley’s direction.

The film’s shooting schedule has been revealed, with filming set to begin in spring 2024.

I’m curious to see what Boots Riley will take on the story. Will it be a humorous TrickĀ movies with social commentary, An intense criminal drama exploring the lives of marginalized women, or something else entirely? I’m sure whatever he creates will be thought-provoking and visually striking.

CastingĀ detailsĀ are still under wraps

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