BIGG BOSS Highlight: Anurag Drops a Bomb in Ration Task, Calls Isha Malviya ‘Ankita 2.0’! Mannara begs to leave the house

BIGG BOSS Highlight: In the latest Bigg Boss 17 challenge, things got spicy as contestants from regular TV faced off against their counterparts from the world of over-the-top (OTT) platforms. It was a showdown filled with drama and excitement.

BIGG BOSS Highlight: Anurag Drops a Bomb in Ration Task, Calls Isha Malviya 'Ankita 2.0'! Mannara begs to leave the house
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Imagine this: contestants from the Dil room (TV celebs) went head-to-head with those from the Dum room (OTT stars). Their mission? To prove who’s the boss at this game. The clashes were intense, with Ankita Lokhande against Tehelka, Aishwarya Sharma taking on Arun Mashettey, and Anurag Dobhal going at it with Isha Malviya.

BIGG BOSS Highlight

Anurag really put his heart into explaining why he’s the game master. But surprise, surprise! Later, he apologized to Isha, saying it was all part of the game. Bigg Boss wasn’t too thrilled about that.

The ration task, where contestants roasted each other to show off their game skills, added fuel to the fire. Ankita Lokhande vs. Tehelka, Aishwarya Sharma vs. Arun Mashetty, and Anurag Dobhal vs. Isha Malviya – the showdowns were real.

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Things got a bit wild when Anurag started calling Isha ‘Ankita 2.0’ and said she’s always in Ankita Lokhande’s shadow. He even claimed she couldn’t stand on her own two feet and needed Abhishek and Samarth as crutches. This set off a heated argument between Anurag and Samarth, Isha’s current boyfriend.

The ration task not only fueled on-the-spot arguments but also brought out the feels among the housemates. Mannara Chopra got emotional, asking Bigg Boss to let her go home because she felt everyone in the house was playing mind games. She even spilled her feelings to Ankita, who later patched things up between Mannara and Munawar Faruqui.

Nearing the end of the episode, Abhishek got into a big fight with Aishwarya and Neil. Aishwarya went toe-to-toe with Abhishek, and Neil jumped in occasionally to shout back. The drama peaked when Ankita and Neil joined the scene. Accusations flew, with Ankita calling Aishwarya a “psycho.” Neil tried to calm things down, but Aishwarya wasn’t having it, insisting, “You cannot stop me.”

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