Netflix is turning Bhopal gas tragedy into a reality, in which thousands of lives were destroyed

Netflix is turning Bhopal gas tragedy into a reality, in which thousands of lives were destroyed
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Netflix is turning Bhopal Ki woh Kali raat into a reality: On the night of December 2-3, 1984, something terrible happened in MP’s capital. A lot of people got really sick and even died because of a dangerous gas called Methyl Isocyanate (Mic) that leaked from a factory. This was a turning point for the city. To tell this sad story, a web series called ‘The Railway Man,’ led by KK Menon, will be on the internet on November 18.

Netflix is turning Bhopal gas tragedy into a reality

The trailer of ‘The Railway Man’ is emotional. It’s a three-minute video that makes you feel a lot of things. It starts with KK Menon playing a station master, and you also see Babil Khan on his first day of working with the railways.

The Railway Men

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Divyendu is there too, playing a constable in the Railway Police Force. The trailer shows how, in a short time, bad news about the gas leak spread on the night of December 2-3, 1984, near Bhopal Railway Junction. The gas quickly went all around, and people, including kids, old folks, women, and young ones, got really sick or even died. R. Madhavan is in the trailer too, playing the GM of Bhopal Railway Junction.

Even after 39 years, the effects of that terrible night are still felt. People got sick, and some even died. The government gave money to the State Government to help the sick people, but it seems like the hospitals are more focused on keeping the last few sick people alive instead of helping everyone. The Bhopal gas tragedy happened a long time ago, but the pain is still there.

The government tried to make things better by building big hospitals. They spent a lot of money—around Rs 400 crore—on six big hospitals and nine day care units in Bhopal. There’s also a big hospital called Bhopal Memorial Hospital run by the Central Government.

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