Berlin review, Pedro Alonso’s performance in Money Heist is impressive

Berlin review: Let’s talk about Berlin. It’s not just a letdown compared to Money Heist; it kind of crashes into mediocrity.

Berlin review
Berlin review (Image Credit hindustantimes)

So, Netflix brought us a prequel to Money Heist called Berlin. It showed up on a Friday night, aiming to explore the early days of Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. But here’s the scoop—the 10 episodes are a bit all over the place. It’s not very logical, and the story feels like a mix of reused stuff, supporting some not-so-great themes without even realizing it. More info about Berlin review, Pedro Alonso’s performance in Money Heist is impressive.

Berlin review

Back in the time before Money Heist, Berlin thought it would be brilliant to steal €44 million worth of jewels from a Parisian bank. What could go wrong? Turns out, not a lot for Berlin. The story plays out like someone tipsy, tripping on banana peels, relying more on luck than a smart plan.

And here’s the kicker—the series shamelessly borrows characters and roles from Money Heist, hoping we wouldn’t notice. Besides Berlin, there’s a brainy guy, a simple-minded charmer, and an adventurous soul with some relationship baggage. The show acknowledges these similarities, but it still feels like a bit of a joke, especially with a character named Roi, an anagram of Rio from the original series.

Now, about the not-so-great stuff—misogyny. Berlin is pretty consistent in endorsing some not-so-great behavior towards women. The female characters end up fitting into old clichĂ©s—naive, drawn to men, and not thinking clearly in matters of love. More info about Berlin review, Pedro Alonso’s performance in Money Heist is impressive.

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They try to talk about misogyny and sexism, but it feels like putting a band-aid on a big wound. It doesn’t fix the issue; it just makes you cringe. It’s like they’re saying, “Yeah, we know it’s not cool, but let’s do it anyway.”

Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, is the shining light in all this mess. His chaotic and adrenaline-fueled portrayal brings some life to a series desperately needing substance.

The only thing worth praising is the ensemble cast. Even though the plot is flatter than a pancake left out in the sun, the cast manages to inject some energy and genuine moments. It’s a relief from the otherwise dull narrative.

Berlin doesn’t quite match up to Money Heist; it kinda messes up and lands in a pit of just okay. Trying to make Berlin more human totally backfires, and we end up with a character study that’s a bit shallow. What could have been a cool dive into a dark character turns into a heist full of mistakes, supporting iffy themes and depending on coincidences a bit too much.

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