Azerbaijani Artists Illuminate India Beauty, A Visual Feast in Photos!

Azerbaijani Artists Illuminate India’s Beauty: With help from the Indian Embassy in Azerbaijan, a cool workshop about India just happened at Ganjlik Mall. The Arts Council of Azerbaijan organized it as part of the Ambassador Cultural Club project.

Azerbaijani Artists Illuminate India's Beauty, A Visual Feast in Photos!
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Samira Faizova put it together, and artists like Eldar Babazade, Roya Hasanova, and others showed their awesome paintings. They painted about India, the super colorful country in South Asia. They drew girls dancing, the famous Taj Mahal, and even things from Indian movies, old cities, chess games, and big elephants.

Azerbaijani Artists Illuminate India’s Beauty

The Indian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Sridharan Madhusudhanan, checked out all the art and said thanks to the artists for sharing India’s cool culture.

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Arts Council Azerbaijan, led by Dadash Mammadov, loves promoting Azerbaijani culture. They have lots of cool projects like Art Gazette, Production Studio, and Art School Drawing School.

Media partners of the event are Azernews.Az, Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az.

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