Anushka Sharma expecting a baby? The actress was seen hiding her baby bump in a loose dress

Anushka Sharma expecting a baby?: Recent news, everyone’s talking about Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy. And guess what? There’s a video where she’s kind of hiding her baby bump. Let’s check it out!

Anushka Sharma expecting a baby? The actress was seen hiding her baby bump in a loose dress
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So, there’s another video of the famous actress Anushka Sharma making the rounds. This time, she’s wearing this loose black dress, trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps. Oh, and she was spotted outside a hotel with Virat Kohli.

Anushka Sharma expecting a baby?

Anushka Sharma

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In Mumbai, Anushka and Virat are a bit private about their personal stuff. They don’t share much, but the paparazzi catch them now and then. Lately, people have been chatting about Anushka maybe expecting baby number two. No confirmation from the couple yet, but the loose dress she’s been wearing has people talking.

Check it out:

Anushka Sharma expecting a baby?

Now, on November 9, someone on Reddit shared a video of Anushka and Virat near a hotel. In the video, Anushka’s being super careful while walking, and Virat’s there, holding her hand. And yup, she’s in that loose black dress again. People online are guessing, ‘Is there a baby on the way?’ and some are even saying ‘100 percent pregnant.’

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This video is making the rounds on Twitter and Instagram. Fans are pouring in wishes and getting all excited about the possibility of baby number two. But we’ll only know for sure if Anushka and Virat decide to spill the beans officially.

Oh, and on October 14, Anushka was at one of Virat’s matches in the 2023 World Cup. There was talk after the match about whether she wore that loose dress to hide a baby bump. This time, it was a white oversized dress. Guess we’ll have to wait for the big announcement!

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