AI Photos Show Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Batman Visiting Ayodhya

AI Photos Show Harry Potter: In the first picture, Iron Man and Batman were helping out at the Ram Mandir.

AI Photos Show Harry Potter
AI Photos Show Harry Potter (Image Credit Instagram)

The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, is set to open to the public on January 23. A day before that, on January 22, there will be a special ceremony called “Pran Pratishtha.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other important figures will be part of this event. Amidst all this, a creative person has added a fun twist to the upcoming celebration. They created cool pictures using artificial intelligence (AI) where superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics visit the Ram Mandir for the ceremony. These pictures have become really popular.

AI Photos Show Harry Potter

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The creator explained on Instagram, “I imagined our favorite movie characters coming together in Ayodhya, getting things ready for the Ram Temple ceremony. The images are made using AI.” In the first picture, Iron Man and Batman are seen helping at the Ram Mandir. They’re wearing special saffron clothes over their superhero costumes and sweeping the temple floors. In the next picture, Spiderman and Hulk are giving food to a wise person. Deadpool and Joker are working together at the temple, surrounded by other priests, while Superman is showing off his strength by carrying a basket of flowers on his shoulders. The next picture has characters from Star Wars sitting in front of a fire.

The creator also included Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Wonder Woman. They’re lighting lamps to welcome Lord Ram. Jack Sparrow is wearing special saffron clothes, and Wonder Woman is wearing a saree. Marvel fans were happy to see Thor and Loki playing musical instruments in another picture. Thanos, the villain from Marvel, is teaming up with Groot to prepare meals. Doctor Strange and Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones are serving food to people. The stars of Harry Potter — Harry, Hermione, and Ron — are taking a selfie with the temple in the background.

People in the comments loved these creative pictures. One person said, “This is the best post I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you so much.” Another person said, “Such a creative idea,” and someone else wondered, “Why does this make me so happy?”

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