The actress asked Mohammad Shami to marry her, but there are some conditions

The actress asked Mohammad Shami to marry: her Payal Ghosh is not a very famous actress, but she has acted in a few movies. She was in a Kannada movie called ‘Varshadhare’ in 2010. After that, she did a few films in Telugu and Hindi.

The actress asked Mohammad Shami to marry her, but there are some conditions
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Mohammed Shami is a great bowler for India’s cricket team. He has played very well in the World Cup so far and has taken many wickets. But he is also in the news because of his personal life. He is divorced from his wife and has now received a marriage proposal from a famous actress.

Payal Ghosh says she wants to marry Mohammed Shami, but she has one condition: he must learn English first. She tweeted, “Shami, if you learn English, I am ready to marry you.”

The actress asked Mohammad Shami to marry her

In another tweet, Payal asked Shami what kind of support she could give him to help him play even better in the World Cup. She said, “Shami, what kind of moral support do you need from me to give your best performance in the semi-finals? You should see him become a hero.”

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Some people wonder if Payal is really a fan of Mohammed Shami or if she is just trying to get attention. Others have compared her to Urvashi Rautela, who has also been in the news for her public displays of admiration for cricketers.

Mohammed Shami used to be married to Hasin Jahan. They had a lot of problems in their marriage, and they are still arguing about them today.

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