Abu Dhabi Art! Check out these 7 awesome exhibitions and highlights you don’t want to miss

Abu Dhabi Art: Get ready for a fantastic five-day celebration of art and culture! Abu Dhabi Art is back, lighting up Manarat Al Saadiyat from November 22–26, 2023. This annual event is the highlight of the emirate’s art scene, bringing together local and international talents in a unique way. Before you dive into this visual journey, let Bazaar Arabia guide you through the must-see artists, galleries, and experiences at Abu Dhabi Art.

Abu Dhabi Art! Check out these 7 awesome exhibitions and highlights you don't want to miss
View of Perrotin’s booth at Abu Dhabi Art.

Samo Shalaby – Beyond Emerging Artists

Meet Samo Shalaby, an amazing Egyptian-Palestinian artist. His work goes beyond the ordinary, creating a mesmerizing experience that breaks traditional boundaries. Prepare to be captivated by Samo’s art, promising a journey you won’t want to end.

Abu Dhabi Art

Hazem Harb – Tabari Artspace Gallery

Hazem Harb, a renowned Palestinian artist, introduces his latest collection, “Dystopia Is Not a Noun,” at Tabari Artspace. These new works document the Palestinian experience with charcoal on paper, making a powerful statement about the reality in Gaza. Harb’s art goes beyond the canvas, inviting viewers to explore the deeper layers of his expression.

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society Installation

Join artist Maitha Al Omaira in a special installation, highlighting the dedication to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness. Titled “How Nature Persists When the Sun Never Relents,” the installation explores the connection between the human body and nature using alginate, casts, and plaster.

Image courtesy of @maitharo via Instagram

House of Artisans – Department of Culture and Tourism

The House of Artisans, a valued community partner, contributes to preserving traditional Emirati handcrafts with a focus on sustainable methods.

Michael Rakowitz – Green Art Gallery Dubai

Renowned artist Michael Rakowitz brings his extraordinary exhibition, “The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist,” to Abu Dhabi Art. Inspired by his immigrant background, Michael reconstructs historic monuments and artifacts using non-traditional materials like paper-mâché from sweet wrappers. His art offers a unique perspective on heritage and identity.

Image courtesy of @greenartgallery via Instagram

IV Chan, Square Street Gallery – Hong Kong

From Hong Kong, artist IV Chan explores our connection with our bodies and their functions. Drawing inspiration from Freudian theories, IV turns the unconventional into imaginative expressions using textiles and intricately embroidered beadwork.

Image courtesy of @squarestreetgallery via Instagram

Abdus Salaam – THK Gallery South Africa

THK Gallery introduces Abdus Salaam, a self-taught artist influenced by natural beauty, ecology, and spirituality. In the collection “Efflorescence,” Abdus showcases sculptures, paintings, and mixed-media creations characterized by meticulous detailing and incorporating precious metals and rare stones.

Image courtesy of @abdussalaamart via Instagram
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