Abraham Ozler’s review of X: Movie lovers are excited about Jayaram’s fantastic performance in Midhun Manuel Thomas thrilling movie

Abraham Ozler’s review of X: Abraham Ozler, directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and starring Jayaram, has hit the screens in Malayalam cinema. Jayaram’s fantastic acting is a major highlight in this thriller, earning a lot of praise. The movie has gotten positive responses, with people loving the interesting story and great performances. However, some think that the flashback parts could be better, not quite reaching the level seen in Midhun Manuel Thomas’ previous work, Anjaam Pathiraa.

Abraham Ozler's review of X
Abraham Ozler’s review of X (Image Credit filmibeat)

The highly anticipated Abraham Ozler, directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and featuring Jayaram, premiered on January 11. This thriller has caught people’s attention, especially because Jayaram is returning to Malayalam cinema after his last movie in 2022, Makal. The suspenseful drama has been shown in busy theaters, with a lot of people watching on its first day. This is a big deal as Midhun Manuel Thomas is directing again after the success of ‘Anjaam Pathiraa’ in 2020.

Abraham Ozler’s review of X

Checking out what people are saying on X (previously Twitter), it’s clear that Jayaram’s amazing acting is a big deal in Abraham Ozler. The unexpected appearance of Mammootty also made the audience happy. One fan said, “#AbrahamOzler combines medical thriller and emotional crime drama, keeping the audience hooked. Jayaram gives an admirable performance, creating a significant character in Malayalam cinema. The whole cast does a great job, and the young boys’ performances stand out. The extended cameo is good, but some parts in the past could be better. Technically sound with good background music.”

A movie lover enjoyed the film and wrote, “#AbrahamOzler is an easy-to-follow investigative drama with interesting writing that keeps you engaged. There are some flaws, especially in the parts that look back in time. That devil’s entryβ€”just enjoy it in the theater.”

Another reviewer thought the film was above average. “#AbrahamOzler, after #AnjaamPaathira, sees Midhun Manual Thomas continue his streak of good thrillers. A medical story with emotions and a look into the past. Jayaram, @mammukka, and Jagadeesh do well. #Mammootty’s entry, music, and technical stuff are good. Above Average,” the review says.

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A discussion on X noticed that the film is a ‘slow and thoughtful crime drama,’ with exciting and dramatic moments. The review says, “#AbrahamOzler (2024) unfolds as a slow and thoughtful crime drama, with exciting moments and a good story. The highlight is seeing Jayaram in a deep role, something rare in recent years, showing skill and experience. Mammootty’s longer appearance is good, though not outstanding. The writing is good but sticks closely to the usual mystery formula, which is its main drawback. The twists and turns, while there, are a bit ordinary. Despite some problems, Abraham Ozler is an engaging film, making a great comeback for Jayaram.”

Someone else didn’t enjoy the film and said, “#AbrahamOzler, even Mammootty’s cameo couldn’t save this poorly written movie! Not enough depth in characters, slow storytelling, no exciting moments, except for the great intro sequence of Ikka. Overall, a below-average movie from #MidhunManuelThomas.”

The storytelling also got praise from the audience. A person shared, “#MidhunManuelThomas does well again with the mystery and investigation parts. He’s good at connecting emotional flashbacks. The first half is good, and the second half starts with a great scene. Having someone like Mammootty helps cover some flaws. Watch out for the ending.”

Another discussion mentioned that Abraham Ozler lacks finesse in creating an emotional connection and keeping people engaged: “#AbrahamOzler lacks the finesse and emotional connection to be an engaging thriller. Jayaram’s character feels a bit gimmicky due to lack of depth. The story and events feel forced and rushed. Okay execution. Watch if you’re okay with that.”

Abraham Ozler Official Trailer

Another person said, “#AbrahamOzler: A decent thriller following the usual rules for a thriller. The motive is okay. Having Mammootty definitely adds to the movie, and his introduction was the best part. Jayaram and Mithun do a good job, but it doesn’t have the excitement of Anjaam Paathira.”

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