Abhishek Ambarish’s movie Badmanners is coming to theaters on November 24

Abhishek Ambarish’s movie Badmanners: Actor Abhishek Ambarish shared some exciting news! His new movie, ‘Badmanners,’ is hitting 300 theaters across the state on November 24.

Abhishek Ambarish's movie Badmanners is coming to theaters on November 24
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At a press conference in Belgaum, he said, “This cool action film, directed by Duniya Suri, was filmed in Bangalore, Mysore, and other places. I’m here in Belgaum to tell you all about it.”

Abhishek Ambarish’s movie Badmanners

Ambarish believes the movie will be a hit, saying, “Big or small budget, movies have been doing well lately. We’re confident ‘Badmanners’ will be a hit too. I hope everyone here in Belgaum gives it a watch and enjoys!”

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Talking about their involvement in social issues, he mentioned, “We’ve joined protests for Cauvery in Bangalore and Mysore. Sadly, we missed out on the Mahadayi fight here due to lack of info. We really care about the people in North Karnataka. If they let us know about their struggles, we’re ready to speak up and support them.”

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