Tata Technologies IPO: Tata’s ‘Ha’ IPO is set to kick off next week

Tata Technologies IPO: Tata's 'Ha' IPO is set to kick off next week
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Tata Technologies IPO: In the upcoming sale of Tata Technologies (Tata Technologies IPO Details), the plan is simple—they’re putting some of their shares up for grabs. Think of it like a garage sale, but with company shares. Tata Motors, Tata Capital Growth Fund 1, and Alpha TC Holding are basically cleaning out their closets by selling some of their stake in the company.

Tata Technologies IPO

After almost 20 years, Tata Technologies, which is part of the Tata Group, is going public. They’re opening up the opportunity for people to buy their shares starting November 22, 2024. If you’re interested, you’ve got until November 24, 2024, to raise your hand. This move is a big deal because Tata Technologies, initially a branch of Tata Motors, wants to be its own boss and list itself as a separate company. If you’re considering jumping into this stock market adventure, stay tuned for more details about Tata Technologies IPO.

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Breaking down Tata Technologies IPO details

So, what’s this IPO thing all about? Well, Tata Technologies is not creating new shares. Instead, they’re letting go of some existing ones through a sale. Tata Motors, Tata Capital Growth Fund 1, and Alpha TC Holding are the sellers here. The grand total is 60,850,278 shares on the market. Tata Technologies is parting with 46,275,000 of those, Alpha TC Holding is saying goodbye to 9,716,953, and Tata Capital Growth Fund 1 is waving goodbye to 4,858,425. This info comes straight from the company’s paperwork filed for the IPO back on March 9, 2023.

Getting to know Tata Technologies

What does Tata Technologies do? Well, it’s like the backstage crew for Tata Motors. They provide engineering services and tech solutions, kind of like the brains behind the scenes. Their clientele includes aerospace, machinery, and transportation—pretty cool, right? And when we peek into their financial performance, things look good. In the fiscal year 2023, their revenue (money they made) went up by 25 percent, hitting Rs 4418 crore. Plus, their profit (the money they kept after expenses) jumped by around 63 percent, reaching Rs 708 crore. Looks like Tata Technologies is making some serious moves!

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