New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed!

New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed: Opel just introduced the Corsa hybrid—something totally new for them. It’s got this cool 48V hybrid tech, a first for the Corsa. This means you now have more choices with the Corsa, from all-electric to a mix of electric and fuel-efficient engines.

New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed!
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Opel Corsa Hybrid: The folks at Opel, a German carmaker under Stellantis, are making a buzz with the Corsa hybrid. It’s got this special 48V hybrid tech, a first for the Corsa.

New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed

So, what’s under the hood of the new Opel Corsa hybrid? Well, it’s got a 48V hybrid system with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, just like those other strong hybrid cars without the need for plugging in. Inside, you’ll find brand-new engines—a 1.2 L 3-cylinder petrol engine available in two power levels: one with 100 bhp and the other with a stronger 136 bhp. Both are designed specifically for hybrid use. Opel pairs these engines with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission and a 21 kW electric motor. More info about New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed!

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The petrol engine and the electric motor can team up or do their own thing, making the car super efficient, especially in city traffic. The electric motor even lets you do short fully electric drives and gives the petrol engine a boost when you accelerate. When you slow down, the petrol engine takes a break, and the electric motor becomes a handy generator, charging up the hybrid system’s 48V battery. More info about New Opel Corsa Hybrid Revealed!

According to Opel, this new Corsa hybrid is not just fancy—it’s efficient too. Compared to the regular version, it saves fuel and cuts down on CO2 emissions. They say the 100 bhp version of the Corsa Hybrid aims to save nearly 1.0 liter of fuel per 100 km and reduce CO2 emissions by around 15 percent.

With this 48V hybrid tech, Opel is giving you more choices for the Corsa—whether you want an all-electric ride or a mix of electric and fuel-efficient engines. And this move is part of Opel’s bigger plan to have at least one all-electric model in every carline by the end of 2024, shifting entirely to all-electric models from 2025. Exciting times for Opel and the Corsa!

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