All-Terrain Vehicle Market: Size, Trends, and What’s Coming in 2031!

All-Terrain Vehicle Market: The global market for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) was valued at .9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach .9 billion by 2031, growing at a rate of 4.8% annually from 2022 to 2031. ATVs are vehicles with handlebars and at least three low-pressure tires, and they come in different types – Type I for solo riders and Type II for a driver and a passenger.

All-Terrain Vehicle Market: Size, Trends, and What's Coming in 2031!
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The market is growing because more people are getting into adventure sports, there’s an increased demand for ATVs in the military, and governments are supporting the use of ATVs on public roads. However, restrictions in wildlife areas due to terrain damage and high maintenance costs are holding back the market.

All-Terrain Vehicle Market

COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on Market Growth

The global automotive industry, including ATVs, took a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. A shortage of semiconductor chips caused delays in manufacturing, and production facilities had to temporarily close in response to the outbreak.

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Regional Analysis

North America is expected to lead the global ATV market. This is because new ATV models are being released, there are exciting racing championships, and the government allows ATVs on roads with some rules.

Leading Competitors

The leading competitors in the global all-terrain vehicle market are:
Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.
Polaris Industries, Inc.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Textron Inc.
Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
BRP Inc.
Deere & Company
Hisun Motors Corp.
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
Kubota Corporation

Segmentation Analysis

North America
Western Europe
The UK
Rest of Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Rest of Europe

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Japan, South Korea
Rest of Asia-Pacific

Middle East & Africa (MEA)
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA
South America
Rest of South America

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Global All-terrain Vehicle Industry Overview

Chapter 3: Market Dynamics

Chapter 4: Top Company Profiles

Chapter 5: Global All-terrain Vehicle market Competition, by Players

Chapter 6: Global Market Size by Regions

Chapter 7: Global Market Segment by Application

Chapter 8: Global All-terrain Vehicle Industry Segment by Type

Chapter 9: Market Chain, Sourcing Strategy, and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Strategies and key policies by Distributors/Suppliers/Traders

Chapter 11: Key Marketing Strategy Analysis, by Market Vendors

Chapter 12: Market Effect Factors Analysis

Chapter 13: Global All-terrain Vehicle market Size Forecast (2023-203).

Reasons to Buy This Report

The report covers everything from an overview of the ATV industry to market dynamics, company profiles, competition among players, market size in different regions, application segments, types of ATVs, and strategies used by distributors and traders. It also looks at marketing strategies, factors affecting the market, and forecasts for the market size from 2023 to 2031.

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