Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship surprised the film industry

Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship: Captain Vijayakanth started his film journey by coming from Madurai to Chennai. Originally just a regular guy in Chennai, he turned into a captain and an innovative artist, thanks to his friend Rauthar. Their friendship is well-known to anyone familiar with Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rauthar.

Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther's unexpected friendship
Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship (Image Credit indiaglitz)

Captain Vijayakanth’s real commander

This morning, Captain Vijayakanth, beloved by his fans, has passed away. Vijayakanth stood out as a special hero in Tamil cinema. When Vijayaraj left Madurai with dreams of making it in the movies, there was one person who supported him—the lifelong friend, Ibrahim Rauthar, also known as Vijayakanth. More info about Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship surprised the film industry.

Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship

Both coming from Madurai, their friendship endured. Rauthar joined Vijayakanth on his cinematic adventure to Chennai, turning dreams into movies. Vijayakanth became a top hero, and it was Rauthar’s business acumen that always got Captain’s nod.

Rauthar handled everything for Vijayakanth—from getting the story to sorting out schedules and discussing pay. Rauthar envisioned a successful film career for Vijayakanth and made Captain a hit. Vijayakanth always listened to his friend Ibrahim Rauthar. He acted in many films just because Rauthar suggested it, even when he wasn’t initially keen on doing so.

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Once, R.K. Selvamani, a new director, stepped into the scene. However, there were disagreements between Vijayakanth and RK Selvamani during the shoot. Rauthar stepped in, found a middle ground, and got them to work together on an investigative film. It’s interesting to mention that Rauthar insisted Vijayakanth be part of the film, but Captain didn’t initially agree. More info about Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rowther’s unexpected friendship surprised the film industry.

When Vijayakanth was getting ready to tie the knot, the movies he starred in were not doing well one after another. So, Rauthar, thinking Vijayakanth needed a hit, suggested they do an investigative film. Following that, he set up Vijayakanth’s marriage to Premalatha.

Rauthar accurately predicted Vijayakanth’s leap into politics, actively contributing to his political journey. Bestowing the title Captain upon him, Rauthar passionately supported Vijayakanth’s bid for the Chief Ministerial post in Tamil Nadu.

Establishing three production houses, Rauthar strategically cast Vijayakanth in numerous hit films—Poontota Kavalkaran, Patukku Uru Thalivan, En Aasi Machan, Simmasanam, Pulan Inguri, Captain Prabhakaran, Chakharaith Devan, Ullathurai, Ulavan Makan, Bharathan, Rajathurai, Karupu Nila, Dharma, and more.

Ibrahim Rauthar and Vijayakanth had a falling out over some political choices, and sadly, their friendship came to an end. Yet, after Rauthar went missing, when Vijayakanth visited his house, he was visibly shaken, crying like a child. It left everyone around confused.

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