On Silk Smitha’s birthday, Chandrika Ravi reveals plans for a movie about her life. Take a peek at the first glimpse

On Silk Smitha’s birthday: Chandrika Ravi, an artist, shared a picture on Instagram where she’s dressed up like Silk Smitha, a famous figure.

On Silk Smitha's birthday, Chandrika Ravi reveals plans for a movie about her life. Take a peek at the first glimpse
Chandrika Ravi as Silk Smitha in her next film credit hindustantimes

Chandrika, hailing from Australia, announced her new movie, “Silk Smitha: The Untold Story,” on Silk Smitha’s birthday. The film will be directed by Jayaram Sankaran, known for the Tamil series “Sweet Kaaram Coffee” on Prime Video.

On Silk Smitha’s birthday

Feeling immense gratitude

In the picture she posted, Chandrika recreates one of Silk’s famous looks—wearing a saree, with bold eyes and a playful pose. She wrote a sweet message, “Happy 63rd birthday to the timeless beauty, Silk Smitha. With her family’s blessings, we’re excited to share her untold story.”

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Chandrika’s journey to stardom began in Australia and took her to Los Angeles for acting and modeling. She started with a ghost role in a Tamil film in 2018 and later ventured into Telugu cinema in 2019. Her fame soared after a special dance number in the movie “Veera Simha Reddy,” and she’s set to appear in an English project called “Bollywood to Hollywood.”

Silk Smitha’s birth anniversary

Silk Smitha’s 63rd birth anniversary is on December 2. She was a renowned actor in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi films. Despite her glamorous roles, Silk wished to be seen as a character artist, wanting her performances to be taken more seriously. She left us in September 1996 but is remembered for her iconic role in the 1980 film “Vandichakkaram.”

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