BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Jennie have broken up just days before V’s military enlistment.

BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Jennie have broken up: There’s talk that BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, once rumored to be a couple, have decided to part ways after a short romance.

BTS' V, BLACKPINK's Jennie have broken up just days before V's military enlistment.
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V and Jennie, who’ve been under the spotlight for their possible romance, seem to have called it quits just days before V starts his military service, according to reports from JTBC.

BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Jennie have broken up

Although their labels, Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment, haven’t officially confirmed the breakup, fans and netizens have noticed the two hanging out together, sparking rumors.

Last October, there were whispers about V and Jennie spending time together on Jiju Island. Jennie even invited V and his friends, like Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Hyung Sik, to a special party for her second solo single, “You & Me.” There were even rumors of them holding hands in Paris.

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The rumors about V and Jennie dating started in December 2021, with leaked photos and hacking claims making the rounds.

Back in October of the same year, YG Entertainment, managing Jennie’s career, stated they’d take legal action against anyone sharing private photos of her. They expressed concern about the rumors and attacks based on those private pictures.

HYBE, V’s agency, also responded to the dating rumors. They filed complaints against posts spreading false information and personal attacks. The agency highlighted the need to address the issue, pointing out a specific individual consistently spreading ill-intentioned rumors across various platforms.

So, it seems like the end of a chapter for V and Jennie, with both agencies taking steps to protect their artists from false rumors and privacy invasion.

An official confirmation on the break up news is awaited.

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