Bad Manners Movie Review

Movie Review: Bad Manners (Kannada)

Director: Duniya Suri

Cast: Abhishek Ambareesh, Rochith Shetty, Trivikram, Sarath Lohitashwa, Tara, Rachita Ram, Duttanna

Produced by: Sudhir K.M.

Bad Manners Movie Review: This movie is like a spicy mix of flavors! Directed by Duniya Suri, it’s a fun ride with Abhishek Ambareesh and others.

Bad Manners Movie Review
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The film kicks off with a phrase, ‘Mix Masala,’ and trust me, it lives up to it. Suri weaves in a legacy from actor Ambarish for his son, adding his own touch. The result? A movie that’s entertaining with a hint of spice that might make your eyes water. More info about Bad Manners Movie Review.

Bad Manners Movie Review

It’s a bit like the famous ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ in Hindi cinema, with its unique characters. However, there’s no silence here. The story keeps moving.

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Our hero heads to a place called ‘Godha’ to explore the world of making desi weapons. Think of it like a place selling guns in small bags, a bit like scenes from ‘Ramleela Goliyom Ki Rasalela.’ The first half keeps you guessing why our hero is into low-quality guns and what he’s up to. Director Suri keeps things interesting with a mix of scenes that make you go imagine and see.

Abhishek carries some traits of his dad, Ambarish, and Suri plays with them interestingly. The dialogues and the hero’s slim frame add to the fun. The mix of stilted speech, cinematography, background score, and action scenes creates a spicy experience, like no other.

Rochith Shetty and Trivikram shine in their roles, and Sarath Lohitashwa keeps impressing. For those who love action-packed scenes, this movie is a visual treat.

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