Amazing Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter Discount 26,000/- with zero down payment

Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter Discount 26,000/- with zero down payment
Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter, All Images Google

Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter: Ola Electric has introduced exciting offers on all the motorcycles in its segment this Diwali 2023. In this festival season of Diwali, all motor vehicle manufacturers offer offers on their respective motorcycles. Along with this, Ola is also offering exchange bonus, cash discount and many other benefits on its motorcycles. Whose list has been released. You can buy Ola electric scooter with these offers this Diwali. In which you are getting offers up to Rs 26,000.

Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter

Ola Electric has offered an offer for those buyers in the Diwali offer. Those who are interested in scooters. And want to buy electric scooter. Ola Electric has presented a very good offer for them. With this you get free warranty up to Rs 26,000. Along with this, a discount of up to Rs 7,000 is being given on S1 Pro Gen 2. Apart from this, 50% discount is being given on extend variants of Ola S1 Air and S1X Plus. And the list of offers released is given below.

Ola electric scooter

Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter Offer List

Total Benefits: Benefits up to approximately Rs 26,500, which includes cash discount, exchange bonus and other benefits.

Free Extended Warranty: Free extended warranty worth Rs 7,000 for S1 Pro Gen 2.

Battery Discount: 50% off battery components for the S1 Air and S1X Plus.

Extended Warranty (S1 Air and S1X Plus): A comprehensive extended warranty is available for select models.

Discounted Extended Warranty (S1 Pro Gen 2): Discounted extended warranty for S1 Pro Gen 2 at Rs 2,000 (current price Rs 7,000).

Exchange Benefit (S1 Pro Gen 2): Exchange benefit of around Rs 10,000 for S1 Pro Gen 2 on exchanging old ICE two-wheelers.

Exchange Benefit (S1 Air and S1X Plus): Exchange benefit of around Rs 5,000 for S1 Air and S1X Plus on exchanging old ICE two-wheelers.

Credit Card Offers: Up to Rs 7,500 off on select credit cards. No down payment, no-cost EMI, zero processing fees, and interest rates up to 5.99% are also available.

Additional Incentives: Test riding Ola electric scooters at experience centers stands a chance to win an S1X Plus, free apparel worth Rs 999, and more.

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Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter

On purchasing S1 Pro Gen 2, you are getting a discount of Rs 7,000 in the form of extended warranty. Apart from this if you exchange ICE two-wheeler. So you are getting an exchange bonus of up to Rs 10,000 on S1 Pro Gen 2. And a limited discount of up to Rs 5,000 is being given on Ola S1 Air and S1X Plus.

Credit Card Offer on Ola Electric Scooter

In the Ola Electric Scooter Bank Offer Room, there is a discount of Rs 7,500 on payment through credit card. Apart from this, you can buy Ola Electric Scooter with zero down payment, no cost EMI, zero processing fee and low interest rate of 5.99%. For detailed information about all these offers, visit Ola Electric showroom. These offers are not confirmed by Dailyalerts.

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Diwali Offer Ola Electric Scooter

Ola Electric Specifications

Ola electric scooters are available in India across three scooter segments. Which includes S1 Pro Gen 2 and Ola S1 Air and S1X Plus. Among these three scooters, Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 gives the highest range.

ola electric powertrain

With S1 Pro Gen 2 you get a powerful range of 195 kilometers. And with this you get to see a top speed of 120 kilometers. The total weight of Ola Electric Scooter is 116 kg. And in this you get a powerful motor of 5000 watts.

Ola Electric Features

Talking about the features of Ola Electric S1 Pro Gen 2, it offers you a 7 inch large touch screen display. In which you get standard features like speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, odometer, riding mode. Apart from this, among its modern features you get smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, call alert, SMS alert, email notifications.

Ola electric scooter Digital speedometer

Along with this, other features include turn by turn voice assisted navigation system, geo facing, anti tip system, low battery indicator, clock to see the time, a USB port for charging, cruise control and traction control, along with 34 liters of under seat capacity. Storage is available.

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